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Free Educational Printables, Worksheets, Puzzles, Games, and Projects

About Us is a free Web Site devoted to sharing fun, educational printables, games, projects, and puzzles. It is updated each month with new, original content. This site contains material for preschool aged children up to the secondary and post-secondary level. Many of the files have names that indicate which level student they are intended for. Others are not so named and it’s up to you the user to examine the file and determine how the content is used and for which age level. We also welcome and encourage your constructive comments by emailing us at or by joining our user’s forum. Use our content as you wish and as much as you wish. Please spread the word about our site to your family, friends, and coworkers.

The Problem – How Do We Make Learning More Effective?: 

For many school students, learning is hard and tedious work. For many educators, teaching is hard, and tedious work. Learning needs to be fun. When learning is fun, students are more open, enthusiastic, and receptive to what is being taught. When a lesson is fun, it’s less of a chore for teachers to teach. When lessons are fun for students, teachers can be more efficient and effective at what they do. Research has shown that making learning fun can be effective.

The Solution – Make Education Fun: is a new web site specifically designed to make learning fun. is an educational website. It is a source of fun educational worksheets, games, and brainteasers for students. The website’s printables are designed to provide educational reinforcement in an entertaining format. content can be used for free time activities, homework activities, or formal graded student assessments.

Teachers, parents, and guardians are constantly searching for educational activities that their children and students enjoy doing. provides a treasure trove of fun, educational activities to choose from.

A New and Effective Approach – The StudentPuzzles.Com Web Site:

Traditional educational printables web sites all seem the same. They’re boring. They’re cluttered. They’re organized in a haphazard fashion. They’re designed in cartoonish styles that appeal to children rather than to the adults who are the actual web site users. breaks the mold with an entirely new approach.

Although the content of the site is intended for students, the site itself is designed to be used primarily by the adults responsible for providing the content to the students.

Content - Organized for Simplicity: is an alternative to the complexity and clutter of traditional educational printables web sites. All site content is structured and categorized hierarchically into three major areas:
In addition to the three main content pages, we provide a user’s Forum where you can exchange ideas, provide us with feedback, point out errors and typos, and make suggestions for improving our website.

New This Month

This month we’ve added new worksheets to the Clichés/Figures of Speech, the Rules, the Homophones, the Rhyming Words, the Mathematics, the Science Factoids, and the Reading Comprehension subsections. Try them and let us know what you think.


As we build, improve, and develop this web site, we are expending time, money, and effort. To defray these costs we accept donations. If you like what you see, please consider making a donation. These donations are strictly voluntary and are not required to access this site and its content. No donations are too small. $10.00 to $20.00 is a reasonable range for such a donation, although even higher amounts can be given and would be greatly appreciated.

Donating is easy to do. Simply click on the donate button to donate to our web site. Thanks in advance to all those who choose to donate. Be assured that your funds will be used strictly for the improvement of this site.

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